Our Belief System

Our oceans are being attacked by many different forces that appear to be destroying the ecosystem that our planet so heavily relies on. We believe that these problems are solvable and that with the right allocation of resources, big changes are possible. We believe that the key to this is in the power of the individual, and their individual impact on their surroundings.

Single use, disposable plastics are so common that even environmentally conscious people sometimes have a difficult time conducting day to day business without harming the environment. These plastics make their way down local waterways and into the ocean. Then, they travel thousands of miles until joining one of many toxic masses offshore. Marine life consumes these small particles and then they make their way into our human food supply.

Toxic nuclear material constantly leaks into our oceans, not only from reactor cores which were damaged due to weather, but even the nuclear waste disposal sites that were designed to safely contain the waste are leaking into our waters. The long term effects of this can only be projected by educated guess, since the actual volume of wasted entering the oceans is not fully known. This should be of serious concern to all of us who inhabit this planet.

Across the globe, companies are dumping toxic chemicals, which are waste products of manufacturing and industry, directly into the waterways that lead to the ocean. Shipping companies reluctantly comply with pollution regulations while in port, just to discharge their waste upon leaving local waters. The effects of this can be seen throughout Asia and especially, the Philippines.

If these occurrences don’t stop, the damage will be irreparable.  It is up to each of us to stay motivated, stay alert and stay informed. That is the core of our mission. Follow this page on social media to stay informed of new solutions and progress in this arena. By purchasing environmentally safe items from this site, you are helping to do your part to protect our oceans. Many of these items are also intended to use as a tool for activism, by sharing with a neighbor or a friend so that they, too may become part of the fight against this aggression.

Too many resources have been wasted because of conjecture and inflammatory accusations. The old method was demonstrated as loud and broad. This had the affect of a dull oil lantern lighting a hallway. We intend to focus on specific issues of environmental concern and hone our resources to a laser like sharpness and follow through to the end.


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